The LEGITIMATE means to make money from your idle computer time!

Have you ever imagined your computer can make you earn money simply being idle?


Do you think this is impossible?


Let's meet IPUServices!



What is IPU Services?

Idle Processing Utilization Services is a company that "rents" computer power from individual computer users. It then packages this processing power / IP addresses to then be "rented" at a profit.


Do I have to pay for "Threads"?

Absolutely No!


What is the software I am downloading? Is it a virus?

The software you are downloading is a VPS (Virtual Private Server).

It is less obtrusive than a browser and NONE has connection to any of your personal data. Moreover, it advises you of your current statistics, usage, income, and processing power / payment rate.


Will using this degrade the performance of my computer?

No, of course. The software you are going to download is only active when the computer is otherwise idle. When you are using your computer, the Process takes a back seat and waits for idle time.


How much can I earn?

You earn according to your computing power - Computer power is a calculation using factors such as processor type, RAM, GPU (if any), connection speed, and % of time online.


Can I install this on more than one machine?

Of course - you can install on as many different machines as you want.


How many kind of account are there available?

There are three kind of account:


Standard account: It's free and makes you earn up to 2 dollars a day. Moreover, if you invite someone to share this project, you'll earn 1% of what he's earning.

Regional account: As the standard one, you earn up to 2 dollars daily. It allows you to earn 5% from your first layer downline and 1% from your second layer downline.

Division account: It benefits you to earn up to 2 dollars daily. Moreover, 10% from your first layer downline, 5% from second layer and 1% from thid layer.


Do you really show your financial statements?

Absolutely yes. We strongly believe our slogan - "Authenticity and Accountability thru Transparancy". You are trusting us, so we share everything with you. There will never be a question on where the money is coming from or where it is going.

Link to our financial statements:



How do I get Paid?

You can be paid with:


  • Payza
  • EgoPay
  • AlertPay
  • GreenDot MoneyPak
  • Western Union


The Minimum Payout is $50USD.



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